Texas Cooperative Agreement Bond

If you switch to the cloud for Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service, you should consider Choice Partners when purchasing best value cooperation contracts. Choice Partners recently hosted its annual Food Expo to allow food managers and school district students to taste and evaluate the foods available through Choice Partners. This year, 171 principals and school employees participated, as well as 348 students who tasted the food of 54 raw material processors. Six food service providers with Choice Partners cooperative purchase agreements also exhibited their products. During the transition to combined cooperation efforts and Website-www.choicepartners.org, members can continue to save money by accessing contracts at the address mentioned above, which involve members in www.choicepartners.org selection contracts, election food for www.GulfCoastFoodCo-op.org and election needs for www.HCDEPurchasingCooperative.org. “I will never recommend it enough,” Derryberry said. “It`s very cheap when purchased through the Choice Partners cooperation agreement, and the results are fabulous.” “Cooperative sales contracts are a win-win,” Hooper said. “Our members benefit from leveraged time and procurement savings, our suppliers benefit from a contract that has been obtained competitively and the co-op earns by receiving a small percentage for its work in bidding, awarding and market management.” Speakers Charlotte Stallings and Arthur J. Johnson spoke about leadership and illustrated the conference theme, Custodial Leader, Past, Present and Future. CMAT members held break-out meetings on topics such as compliance with fire detection testing, gas pressure testing and playground safety. Although the organization focuses on freedom management services, conference members and participants are individuals who may also be responsible for other areas such as security, maintenance and operations. Wayne Mack, former Director of Montgomery County Custodial Services, who has held numerous positions on the CMAT Board of Directors, received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mack spoke of his appreciation for CMAT and woke up the band to join him during his cheers “I love CMAT!”. Mack, recently elected Justice of Montgomery County, said, “I can tell you how I went from the janitor to the judge and all the children I have stored between the two.” Bobby Davis, Rice University, and the current president of the CMAT, and James Dodson, Montgomery County, and the secretary treasurer, invited the administrators to mark their calendars for next October 2015, when CMAT celebrates its 37th anniversary at a conference in San Antonio. “The conference helps members find a partner who can call if they have a need or challenge,” Lookabaugh said. “It`s a place where we can share opportunities for improvement and successful solutions to the problems we face.” At the conference, nearly a dozen suppliers, including the National Purchasing Cooperative Choice Partners and two partners of choice — Tandus Centiva and Buckeye Cleaning Center. Choice Partners offers legal and competitive contracts for school districts, universities and universities, which can be used to purchase facility services, carpet maintenance, and supplies and equipment.

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