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A goal with no measurable result is like a sporting competition without a scoreboard or goalkeeper. Numbers are an essential part of the business. Put concrete numbers in your goals to see if you`re on the right track. A lens whiteboard published in your office can help you focus and focus on the results you want to achieve. I have just read people who question the use of expression in time. Although they are generally in tune with their feelings, it is important to understand that one of the main definitions of a project is that it should have a start and end date. There should be a clear timetable in which a project is implemented, otherwise it becomes business as usual, so that the theory of being limited in time or time is correct. I would suggest that the phraseology is a little wrong, otherwise I think the mood is right. Very concrete and measurable goal agreements would be, for example,: Goal agreements are designed to motivate employees and help them plan their careers. This process is overseen by HR, which implements a performance management process to ensure that all players within a company systematically set goals, always with a view to developing staff and promoting employee retention. To the extent that this is useful, each staff member should receive an agreement of objectives. However, there are also jobs where it is difficult to quantify objectives. For example, jobs where there are no mistakes to make, such as the .

B the above mentioned security specialist. In such cases, there is no need to discuss an objective agreement. Only by knowing where to go can you achieve excellence. This applies to both management and staff. Goal agreements are ideal for this purpose. They don`t just offer you strategic transparency. They also allow you to evaluate your performance. How can you find, formulate and evaluate the right goal agreements for you or your employees? Watch this article. Each target needs a target date to have a time frame you can focus on and something you can work on.

This part of the SMART goal criteria helps ensure that day-to-day tasks don`t take precedence over your longer-term goals. There are different formalities that you need to follow in order for goal agreements to be useful: most companies continue to use goal agreements, as a study of 241 companies of different sizes under the direction of Dr. Heissmann GmbH in 2005 showed. About 90% of the companies surveyed said they used goal agreements. The company determines the principle direction of the goal agreement. For example, by communicating the company`s goals, business strategy, career plans or other. But then, of course, it also depends on the will, potential and ideas of the collaborator for the future. Finally, the worker must accept his or her goal agreements in order for him to be truly effective. This is why companies and employees should, where possible, develop goal agreements as part of a dialogue. Performance evaluations are most effective when staff objectives and objectives are defined according to the smart principle, with SMART: goal agreements are a management tool based on the principle of objective management established by Peter F. Drucker (1955).

At least two parties, usually the employee and his or her supervisor, discuss the objectives to which staff will work over a defined period of time. At the end of this period, both parties consider whether and to what extent the worker has achieved the objectives. Annual targets are useful if regular audits and updates take place during the year. During the year, intermediate targets and measures should also be agreed to achieve this goal. The employee must be regularly informed of his status in order to know if he is “on the target” or “under the target”. If you want to set smart goals or your collaborators, you will notice that many thoughts must go into intelligently chosen goals.

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