Sp Collective Agreement Personal Leave

37.02 Topics that can be defined for joint consultation are agreed upon between the parties and include consultations on career development, career development and proposed technological changes. The consultation may take place at the local, regional or national level, as defined by the parties. 6.3.3 An indeterminate worker who wishes to leave the rating agency may express an interest in changing employees who opt. However, management will decide whether a proposed change will retain the skills necessary to meet the current needs of the position and the rating agency. 18.03 The deadlines set out in this article may be extended by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker and, if necessary, the representative of the Alliance. 33.08 A worker may not be entitled to leave or leave during a month or fiscal year for which the worker is granted leave under another collective agreement in which the employer is associated or under other rules or regulations of the employer. 46.03 At the worker`s request, an extermination leave may be taken with pay for a single period of seven (7) consecutive calendar days or in two (2) periods of up to five (5) working days. This appendix to the collective agreement applies to all members represented by the Public Utilities Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and for whom the rating agency is the employer. Unless specifically stated, the provisions of Parties I to VI do not apply to other delivery initiatives. 14.12 Subject to operational requirements, the employer provides unpaid leave to a reasonable number of workers to attend Alliance Board meetings, National Component Executive meetings, Alliance Board meetings and Alliance meetings, components, the Canadian Labour Congress and the Territorial and Provincial Labour Federations. 8.01 The rating agency will continue to provide coverage to Dental Plan employees, as included in the agreement between the Treasury Board and the Public Service Alliance of Canada, amended from time to time by the terms of the long-term care agreement between the Public Service Alliance of Canada and the Treasury Board. 5.01 In the event that a law passed by Parliament applicable to workers annuls any provision of this agreement, the other provisions remain in force for the duration of the contract. If leave with payment is not permitted, 46.06 A worker is evaded during sick leave, leave or compensation leave in circumstances in which he would have been entitled to paid leave under clauses 46.02 and 46.05, and his paid leave is reimbursed to the extent of salary.

simultaneous bereavement leave with salary granted. 18.16 If it turns out that the complaint is such that a decision cannot be made below a certain level of authority, all levels, with the exception of the final level, may be eliminated by the agreement of the employer and the employee and, if necessary, of the Alliance. Leave is scheduled at comfortable times for both the employee and the employer. However, the employer makes every reasonable effort to provide the sheets at the hours the worker may demand.

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