Netflix Agreement With Disney

Disney Plus is the exclusive home for star wars, Marvel, Pixar, Disney studio and National Geographic theatre, shows and short films. It also has exclusive series and movies, some of which are based on these blockbuster franchises and others that are original. The Mandalorian, a live action series based on the Star Wars universe, is an example of an original Disney Plus that feeds on the company`s existing franchises. A Taylor Swift film, which goes behind the scenes of the recording of her folk album, is an example of an original with no existing links with Disney as a company. The launch of Disney Gangbusters by Disney Plus helped the company`s three streaming services — Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus — complete the five most popular U.S. streaming video subscriptions, according to estimates by researcher Parks Associates. Netflix and Amazon Prime Video continue to keep the court as No. 1 and No. 2 on the list, but Hulu, Disney Plus and ESPN Plus all pile up, according to Parks` latest rankings of the largest subscription services in the U.S. by the end of September. Disney Plus is also competing with an emerging crop of new rivals like Peacock, Apple TV Plus and HBO Max. And while Netflix attracted tens of millions of customers to its all-you-can-eat ad-free streaming in 2015 and Disney`s cable channels lost millions of viewers, Iger said he was still happy to continue doing business with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: “We see Netflix as a friend more as an enemy. They`ve become an aggressive customer on our part,” he told Wall Street.

That means it will not happen for about seven years, but it does mean that things are not as simple as they have been between the two companies. We certainly felt that as soon as the 2018 Disney blockbusters are unlocked, they`ll understand what they wanted. There is certainly no indication that any content on Disney should be removed once it has been added. Disney will terminate its distribution contract with Netflix and launch its own streaming service, as the company announced today.

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